Jennings Bay

DNR Lake ID: 27013315

Location Highlights:
Jennings Bay is located in the northwest region of Lake Minnetonka, the shores along the bay are in the cities of Mound, Minnetrista, and Orono and the bay sits west of West Arm Bay. Just minutes from the Mound Highschool, the homes on Jennings Bay are within the Mound Westonka School District. Jennings Bay has 3.5 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of 26 feet, because of this it is appealing for recreational water sports, including water skiing, wake surfing, and wakeboarding. Notable areas on Jennings Bay are Woodland Point and Skogsberg Point, they are notorious for hosting some of the most beautiful homes in the area. Also on the bay is the Seahorse Condominiums, a complex that is located on 13 acres of lakefront property. The condominium offers dock slips and lakeshore access to its residents.

Water Quality:
The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has given Jennings Bay a C in water quality, meaning that the bay is desirable for swimming and boating later in the season.

Boating Restrictions:

Lake Access:
The absence of boat launches and marinas directly on Jennings Bay makes it an ideal spot to dock recreational boats. The nearest boat launches are the Spring Park Boat Ramp and North Arm Launch.

Jennings Bay is always buzzing with people, it is well known for its swimming, fishing, and water sports. The bay’s average depth is 11 feet and holds 290 acres of water, it is an established local favorite for recreational water sports like wake surfing. There are two public parks on the bay, Gillespie Park and Canary Beach. Gillespie Park is located off of Westwood Drive and was left by the late William Gillespie. Described as a “hometown hero”, Gillespie was constantly contributing to the community and donated his property to the city of Minnetrista. Today, Gillespie’s legacy still lives on, the city converted his property into a park. The park consists of large grass space with a picnic bench in a quiet residential area. Gillespie Park provides the possibility to relax, by sunbathing, reading a book, or walking a pet, it is a great getaway with a beautiful view of Jennings Bay. Another public park on Jennings Bay is Canary Beach located off Canary Lane, soak up some sun at the lakefront beach tucked away in a quiet residential area.

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Jennings Bay