Carman Bay

DNR Lake ID: 27013305

Location Highlights:
Carman Bay is located in the northwestern region of Lake Minnetonka- connecting East Upper Lake to Lafayette Bay and Lower Lake South. For this reason, Carman Bay is the perfect location for residents looking for the option to stay on the less crowded west side of Lake Minnetonka and still have easy access to lake towns like Wayzata and Excelsior. The homes for sale on Carman Bay are in the cities of Orono and Excelsior and are located in the Mound Westonka School District.

Water Quality:
The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has classified the water quality of Carman Bay as an A.  The water is crystal clear and can be enjoyed by recreational users any time of the year. The city of Orono is actively working to keep Carman Bay clean, through the establishment of the Carman Bay Lake Improvement District (CBLID), which works to improve water quality and target invasive species that have infiltrated the bay. This initiative has already seen results in reducing the number of invasive species in the bay while increasing the number of native species. 

Boating Restrictions:

Lake Access:
The lack of boat launches and marinas on Carman Bay makes it an ideal location to dock recreational boats. 

Carman Bay's neighbor, Spring Park Bay, has three family-friendly islands that are a quick boat ride away. Goose, Spray, and Shady Islands are perfect for anchoring and enjoying the crystal clear water of Spring Park Bay. With a public dock and a beautiful sandy beach, Goose Island is a great spot to meet up with friends. It is an excellent getaway for an evening, watching the sun set over Phelps Bay.  It is common to see boats anchored off Spray and Shady Islands coasts because they provide protection against the winds and waves of Lake Minnetonka. Although Carman Bay does not have any restaurants on the water, there are plenty of dining options in Navarre, MN. After just five minutes in the car, you can grab a lovely meal and enjoy live music at The Narrows and The Lake Room, or grab a pizza to go at Lulu's Pizza.

Source City of Orono®  
Source MN DNR® 
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