Cooks Bay 

DNR Lake ID: 27013300

Location Highlights:

Cooks Bay is located on the west side of Lake Minnetonka, between Priests Bay and Seton Lake. Homes for sale on Cooks Bay are in the city of Mound and are located in the Mound Westonka School System. Cooks Bay is around 223 acres and has lakeside access to Surfside Beach- one of the most popular beaches on Lake Minnetonka.

Water Quality:
The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has given Cooks Bay a B rating in water quality. The water quality is generally good, but algae may limit swimming towards the end of the summer.

Boating Restrictions:

Lake Access:

The Surfside Boat Launch is located right on Cooks Bay and in the heart of downtown Mound. The boat launch has a free parking lot and street parking on Bartlett Boulevard providing easy access to get boats in and out of the water. 


Surfside Beach is located on Cooks Bay. The beach does not have stationed lifeguards, but offers amenities like a playground, free parking, picnic tables, and grills. Alongside Surfside Beach is the Surfside Boat Launch which can be used to launch boats and jetskis in and out of Lake Minnetonka. The oldest jet ski rental establishment on the lake, Bay Rentals, operates adjacent to the boat launch. Not only do they offer jet ski rentals, but kayaks, paddle boards, lily pads, and hydrobikes rentals as well. Once the sun has set over the western bay, Cooks Bay has dining options like Al & Almas Supper Club and Surfside Bar and Grill. Al & Almas is directly on the water and they have docks available for customers to hop off the lake and grab a bite to eat.  Al & Almas also offers Lake Minnetonka chartered cruises where you can eat dinner while a luxury cruiser chauffeurs you across Lake Minnetonka’s 114 miles of shoreline.  If you’re looking for more casual dining, Surfside Bar and Grill is just a five-minute walk from Surfside Beach. 

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