Forest Lake Bay

DNR Lake ID: 27013300

Location Highlights:
No, it’s not that Forest Lake forty-five minutes from the Twin Cities. This Forest Lake Bay is located north of West Arm Bay on the northwest side of Lake Minnetonka. Forest Lake Bay was given its name because of the originally heavily wooded lakeshore.  To this day, the shoreline is inhabited by tall trees that protect the bay from the wind, making the water calm at almost any time of day. The protected shoreline and calm waters make Forest Lake Bay a local favorite for anchoring and swimming.  The bay was not connected to Lake Minnetonka until the mid-1800s when a channel was dredged through West Arm Bay. Homes on Forest Lake Bay are located in the cities of Mound and Orono and in the Mound Westonka School District.

Water Quality:
The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District assigns Forest Lake Bay a C rating in water quality. The bay is more desirable for swimming, fishing, and boating later in the season. 

Boating Restrictions:

Lake Access:
The absence of boat launches and marinas directly on Forest Lake Bay makes it an ideal spot to dock recreational boats.

Forest Lake Bay is home to the famous pianist, Lorie Line. Her Mediterranean-style home sits on 3.65 acres of land and has over a thousand feet of shoreline. Line designed it herself in the nineties and constructed the house with a curvilinear design to display 260 degrees of beautiful views of Forest Lake Bay. Nearby, in Coffee Cove, boaters have access to Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge

Source MN DNR® 
Source Minnehaha Watershed District® 

Forest Lake Bay

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