Wayzata Bay

DNR Lake ID: 27013302

Location Highlights:
Wayzata Bay is located on the lake’s northeast half, just between Lower Lake and Grays Bay. The bay is surrounded by the city of Wayzata in the Wayzata School District. Wayzata Bay has a rich history, starting as a tourist hotspot in the 1800s it was home to some of the grandest hotels on Lake Minnetonka. Then transitioning to the home of summer cottages in the early 1900s, where city dwellers would escape their busy lives in downtown Minneapolis to relax on the lake. Today, Wayzata has become a culmination of its past, with great retail and restaurants, and beautiful lake houses overlooking the scenic Wayzata Bay.

Water Quality:
The water depth in Wayzata Bay reaches a maximum depth of 87 feet and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has given it an A rating in water quality. Meaning that the water in the bay is crystal clear and can be enjoyed recreationally year round.

Boating Restrictions:

Lake Access:
The mass of boat launches and marinas on Wayzata Bay confirms the demand for dock slips in the area, the Wayzata Bay Public Launch is the only launch in Wayzata Bay. It offers limited on-street parking on McGinty Road. The Village of Wayzata Public Marina is the only marina on the bay, it is located on Lake Street East, in the most popular part of downtown Wayzata. Lastly, the Wayzata Yacht Club is not a marina but a community sailing center for adult and youth sailboat racing programs. The yacht club is nationally recognized and oversees one of the largest sailboat racing programs in the United States.

Wayzata Bay’s great atmosphere and central location make it easy to find attractions to do year-round, in the summer events include the Wayzata Art Experience, Sunday Music in the Park, and James J. Hill Days. The Wayzata Art Experience is a two-day event that takes place the last weekend of June in the heart of downtown Wayzata, shutting down the main road, Lake Street East. The art fair attracts vendors and art enthusiasts from across the Twin Cities. Sunday Music in the Park takes place every Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm all summer outside of Hotel Landing. The event features local artists and is free to all who attend. The biggest event in downtown Wayzata is James J. Hill Days, each year the city of Wayzata shuts down Lake Street East and hosts a carnival complete with live music, logrolling, fireworks, and much more to honor James J. Hill. In the winter, a golf tournament takes place on the frozen Wayzata Bay, the event is called the Chilly Open. Even with all of the events, downtown has to offer, it is home to a robust retail and restaurant scene. Notable retail stores include Sun and Slope, Shop 44 North, and Fashion Avenue 2. Local favorite restaurants include 6Smith, COV, and Josefina

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Wayzata Bay