Coffee Cove Aerial Image
Coffee Cove Aerial Image
Coffee Cove Aerial Image


DNR Lake ID: 27013300

Location Highlights:

Coffee Cove is located between Crystal Bay and West Arm Bay. This area is known for its proximity to Lord Fletchers Old Lake Lodge. This quaint cove is in Spring Park and Orono, but the homes are in the Mound Westonka School District. Fagerness Point is a beautiful residential area on the northwest side of the cove that tends to be quiet despite the booming restaurant across the bay.

Water Quality:
Coffee Cove is in the heart of Fletcher’s Channel. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District gives Coffee Cove a C rating in water quality. Coffee Cove is more desirable for swimming, fishing, and boating later in the season.

Boating Restrictions:
No wake zone

Lake Access:
No-wake regulations and the absence of boat launches and marinas make Coffee Cove a great spot to dock recreational boats. 


The houses on Coffee Cove share the bay with one of Lake Minnetonka’s most popular restaurants- Lord Fletchers Old Lake Lodge. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cocktail with clients or a family dinner, the docks at Lord Fletchers grant easy access to an enjoyable evening on the pier. Coffee Cove Fishing Park is beside the restaurant, with free parking just off Shadywood Drive. It is a great spot to fish and spend time outdoors. The fish most often caught in this area are Crappies, Sunfish, and Walleye. 

Source City of Spring Park®  
Source MN DNR® 
Source Minnehaha Watershed District® 


Coffee Cove

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