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DNR Lake ID: 27013800

Location Highlights:
Peavy Lake is a bay on Lake Minnetonka; at only 9 acres, it is much smaller than its neighbor, Browns Bay. The two bays connect through a long, narrow channel, and the bays were unattached until the late 19th century when a channel was dredged connecting the two. The lake's name originates from farmer and entrepreneur Frank H. Peavey, known for creating the Highcroft Estate. The homes on Peavy Lake are located in Wayzata and are within the Wayzata School District. Boat traffic is minimal on Peavy Lake due to its size; it is one of the smaller bays on Lake Minnetonka, with only half a mile of shoreline.

Water Quality:
The water depth in Peavy Lake reaches a maximum depth of 63 feet, and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has given it a C rating in water quality, which means that Peavy Lake is desirable for swimming and boating later in the season.

Boating Restrictions:
No wake zone

Lake Access:
Peavy Lake's lack of marinas and boat launches makes it an ideal location to dock recreational boats. In the neighboring Browns Bay, boaters have access to North Shore Marina and Browns Bay Marina within minutes from Peavy Lake. These marinas provide easy access to the water, dock slips, and off-season storage.

Peavy Lake is a popular fishing spot because of its small size and no wake regulation. The bay is also pretty quiet, which proves advantageous to fishers not looking to compete for their game. Peavy Lake is home to various fish species like the Black Bullhead, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Yellow Bullhead, and Pumpkinseed.  

Source Wayzata Historical Society®  
Source MN DNR® 
Source Minnehaha Watershed District® 

Peavy Lake

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