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First and foremost, our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of the people on the front lines fighting for our public health: doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, pharmacists, pharmacy employees, sanitation workers, first responders, and everyone else that is risking their lives for the collective good.  I have to believe that very few of you got into your line of work with the intention of working on the front lines of a pandemic.  John Wayne once said “courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” And we are so thankful for your courage in the time of our country’s greatest need.

Additionally, a thank you is due to all the people that are heeding the advice of the experts and staying

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Written by: Katie Hollerman

Lake Minnetonka homes are our local passion, but that doesn't exclude us from dreaming of waterfront beauty all across the globe.  Enjoy learning the benefits of waterfront living and view some beautiful scenery from our global partners at Sotheby's International Realty.

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From providing recreation to reducing stress hormones, water is a mood booster: research shows that people need just as much blue space as they do green for peak psychological health. Lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans can all offer respite and a place to cut loose for anyone needing a bit of a breather. Whether your pastime is water sports or beach lounging, these are just a few of the perks that make the coastal

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 Written by: Katie Hollerman


September! What?!?!? How can we already be in the ninth month of 2019? As I am sitting here writing this and listening to the rain (again!!!), I am not sure where the summer went? Was this the fastest summer ever or what? Maybe summer never felt like it fully arrived this year with the cooler temps and non stop rain? Or maybe it's just that I haven't fully recovered from the past two winters?

It's not all bad though, right? Fall is one our favorite times of the year. Lake Minnetonka doesn't disappoint with her fabulous displays of color changing leaves set against the backdrop of the crystal blue waters! Crisp fall air and no mosquitos! Who doesn't love fall boating, football, crockpot dinners,

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Written by Katie Hollerman

Set on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge is a top Minnesota destination where lake life and delicious food pair together to make a delectable experience.

Since 1968 Lord Fletcher’s has been providing an exceptional dining experience for its guests.  Accessible by land and water with three different dining venues- it’s sure to be a fit for all seasons and moods.  Fletcher’s has used many of the original recipes for over 50 years!  House staples include walleye, parmesan house salad and mud pie (don’t let the name scare you- one of the best desserts ever!).  Fletcher’s serves almost 50,000 pounds of fresh walleye every year- making it the number one place for walleye in the state and…
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Minnetonka Conservation District is Declaring High Water to Promote Public Safety and Protect the Lake and the lakeshore from erosion and damage. Until further notice, the minimum wake areas on Lake Minnetonka will be extended to 600 feet from shore throughout the lake and certain bays are entirely minimum wake (meaning speeds less than 5 mph or speeds slow enough to create a minimum wake). Lake Minnetonka remains open to the public. Regular speed limits apply in all other areas of the bays.

Reduced watercraft speeds of less than 5 mph in extended minimum wake areas will help minimize erosion of shorelines, damage to structures, and protect the public from possible accidents. It can also be very relaxing. The HCSO Water Patrol and

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 Written by: Katie Hollerman

Community Spotlight: the city of Minnetonka Beach

The City of the Village of Minnetonka Beach is a unique lakeside community with an intense focus on community, heritage, and character. The Village of Minnetonka Beach is a boot shaped peninsula located on Lake Minnetonka with 230 homes and around 540 residents. It is a small village that packs a large punch with its pre-war era homes, gorgeous lake views and a commitment to keeping the Village residential. The only two non-residential occupants are the Lafayette Club and St. Martin's Church. Careful city planning and engaged residents have helped maintain open spaces and park lands, and the preservation of the "Village" atmosphere. Pictured above

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Simplify Your Move


Moving is tough.  The list of things to do can seem endless and it feels like you’ll never get moved out of the old place and settled into the new place.  It’s no wonder moving is one of the top 5 most stressful life events. But, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve created a Moving Checklist to help you keep your sanity during this exciting but intense time.


First things first….  Choosing the right realtor to help facilitate the sale and purchase of your homes is crucial.  Dan Hollerman will guide you through this process and ensure your sale and purchase is smooth and headache free.  From the prep work needed to get your home market ready to helping you find the perfect

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 Written by: Katie Hollerman

Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt 2018

‘Tis the season for merry making and gift giving!  Looking for something fun to do Thanksgiving weekend?  Bring the whole family out to the 13th Annual Christkindlsmarkt in downtown Excelsior! Christkindlsmarkt is a traditional German Christmas festival that is held the three days after Thanksgiving (November 23-25).  It is a celebration of the holiday season with shopping and activities for everyone!


The festival kicks off on Friday at 10 AM with the Grand Opening Parade.  Father Christmas, the Grand Marshall, the Excelsior Queen and many more lead the parade down Main Street to the official ribbon cutting ceremony.  The festival officially opens at 10:15 AM and

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